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Dear visitors,


Welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Ottawa!


This page has been created for our fellow citizens residing in Canada, for our students on foreign exchange and for those who wish to know more about the Republic of Moldova and its bilateral relations with Canada. We hope to meet your expectations in the various areas that are related to the evolutions of the Republic of Moldova, developments in the Moldovan-Canadian dialog, progress in trade and investment, developments in the common legal framework and consular services offered by the Embassy.


Meanwhile, we hope to count on your participation in order for you to be able to remain informed of the announcements related to activities organized and promoted by the Embassy in collaboration with the Moldovan communities in Canada. We would also appreciate to get to know you during these events in order to gather your comments and suggestions at the conclusion of these activities.


I’m happy to see that by the end of 2013 our first constitutive Embassy team arrived in Ottawa, which within a few months has managed to create a cohesive and hardworking group, willing to contribute to the development of the Moldovan-Canadian relations and a better understanding of the Republic of Moldova, its people and its aspirations while promoting our country abroad. Naturally, we pay special attention in the insurance of the adequate assistance to our Canadian compatriots.


In the 22 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the Republic of Moldova and Canada have managed to develop a constructive dialog, which is due to the fact that both countries share common values, goals and aspirations to live in a stable and prosperous world. An environment where every citizen can withdraw a sense of security, can enjoy their human rights and fundamental freedoms, and can enjoy the same opportunities in which a better future for their children is conceivable.


However, the hopes of the Moldovan citizens are now directly linked to the country’s European future. Considering how 2014 symbolizes our forthcoming in the European Union, our access to free movement in Europe, the access of Moldovan goods to the European common market as well as participation in academic, cultural and scientific projects, we remain optimistic for the future of the Republic of Moldova.


Our country’s European orientation is welcomed and supported by Canada. In turn, Canada is interested in exploring opportunities of collaboration which opens itself with the creation of the free trade zone between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union, the former being engaged in talks with the European Union in order to obtain preferential access to the extensive European market.


I firmly believe that the significant presence of the Moldovan community in Canada is among one of the better efforts in the improvement of the relations between our two countries. I am proud of the contribution that our compatriots bring to the cultural diversity of Canada, by promoting the rich Moldovan traditions, by the preservation of the cultural heritage of our country and I would even go so far as to say by offering a worthy representation of our country in Canada.







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