Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova

Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Canada


Document legalization

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Before submitting any document for consular legalization at the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova, in person or by mail, please read carefully the information below. In case of non-fulfilment of the conditions set out below, your request for a legalization can be declined!

All the official documents issued by provincial or territorial Canadian authorities and institutions will be recognized in the Republic of Moldova with the condition of a prior legalization.

The diplomatic missions and consular posts are liable for the legalization of the documents issued by the authorities of the state of residence, in order to be officially recognized and to produce legal effects on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

The Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Canada is not liable and does not confirm in any way the content of documents submitted for legalization. It only attests the veracity of the seals, stamps and signatures applied to documents issued by the Canadian authorities. To confirm it, an express mention will be made on the Embassy's stamp of legalization.

The requests for a legalization of documents at the Moldovan Embassy in Canada, can be submitted personally, by the relatives of 1st or 2nd degree or by a representative empowered by a written mandate or by a notarized Power of Attorney, or can be send by mail.

The Embassy is not liable for loss or deterioration of delivered documents caused by postal services, including the disclosure of personal information contained in the envelope.

Some examples of official Canadian documents that must be legalized for further use in the Republic of Moldova:

  • Canadian birth certificate

  • Canadian marriage certificate

  • Canadian divorce certificate

  • Canadian death certificate

  • Decisions of the courts (e.g.: Judgment for dissolution of marriage)

  • Powers of attorney, declarations and other documents notarized by a public notary.

The legalization of official Canadian documents involves two different steps:

First step: The authentication of official document(s) by Global Affairs Canada.

For further information about authentication process of official Canadian documents by Global Affairs Canada, please consult the website here.


JLAC- Authentication Services Section
1st floor (Look for the signs: “JLAC- Authentication Services Section”)
111 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1N 1J1

Once the official Canadian documents are received for authentication, GAC will authenticate the documents and, by request, could mail them directly to the Embassy of Moldova for second step of legalization.

For this purpose, you need to mention in your request that you want the authenticated document(s) to be subsequently submitted for legalisation to the Embassy.

Second step: The legalization by the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Canada of the stamp and the signature of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

To submit a request for legalization at the Embassy, the following documents are required:

  1. Filled and dated application form, available here;

  2. Original document(s) to be legalised by the Embassy, first authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs Canada;

  3. Original or copy of a valid identity document (passport only);

  4. Supporting documents justifying the degree of relationship, if request is submitted by a relative of 1st or 2nd degree;

  5. Power of attorney or another document that authenticates the right granted to a representative, if request is submitted by a representative;

  6. Proof of consular fee payment for legalization (the consular fee can be checked atşi-taxe-aferente.

If necessary and with an appropriate reason, the Embassy can request other documents in order to complete the legalization process.

Concerning the consular fee payment, the applicant must purchase a Money Order at Canada Post or other Canadian banking institutions, payable to “Embassy of Moldova”. In order to solicit it, it is sufficient to specify to a customer service representative of the institution you intend to fill out a “Money Order to Embassy of Moldova”. You do not need any bank account information (No bank account information needed for processing). The money order will be sent with the envelope together with the application file to the Embassy.

Processing time

Requests submitted in person or by a representative at the Embassy are treated on the same day.

The processing time for requests submitted by mail is 5 business days, from the date of receipt of the request. This term does not include the delivery by Canada Post, consequently an extra time should be allowed for it.

For mailed requests a prepaid envelope must be included to the file in order to mail the legalized document to the recipient’s address. (Your envelope with required documents must include another envelope with a tracking number, so the Embassy will mail the legalized documents to the recipient’s address provided on the prepaid envelope).