Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova

Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Canada


Emergency Travel Document

The Travel Document is a document that confirms the identity of a citizen of the Republic of Moldova or a person that doesn’t hold the Moldovan nationality but who permanently resides in the territory of the Republic of Moldova. The Travel Document allows the holder to return to the Republic of Moldova if he or she does not have an ordinary valid travel document.

The Travel Document is used exclusively for return to the Republic of Moldova and cannot be used for travel to another country. Citizens of the Republic of Moldova who do not hold a passport, or whose passport has expired, can obtain a Travel Document to return in the Republic of Moldova.

The application for the Travel Document is submitted to the Consular Section of the Embassy.

The embassy issues travel documents to citizens of the Republic of Moldova - regardless of their domicile - to stateless persons and foreign nationals who permanently reside in the Republic of Moldova, who intend to return to the Republic of Moldova, if they:

  • lost their passport or it was stolen;

  • are in possession of a damaged passport that cannot be used;

  • have an expired passport.

If you do not hold an identity document issued by a Moldovan national authority (passport, identity card, driver's license), the Embassy must further verify the accuracy of the data provided with and check your claimed identity in order to identify whether you are a Moldovan nationality holder or not.

In order to obtain the travel document, the applicant must provide the embassy with –

  • Two passport-sized color photographs 45mm x 35mm – (Your full face must be visible, eyeglasses are not allowed, head should take 70-80% of the photo, the photograph must be taken in front of white background).

  • Travel document application form

  • Proof of possession of Moldovan citizenship*

  • Proof of the absence of a valid travel document**.

  • Receipt for payment of consular fee.

The consular fee can be checked atşi-taxe-aferente.

If necessary and with an appropriate reason, the Embassy can request other documents in order to complete this process.

Concerning the consular fee payment, the applicant must purchase a Money Order at Canada Post or other Canadian banking institutions, payable to “Embassy of Moldova”. In order to solicit it, it is sufficient to specify to a customer service representative of the institution you intend to fill out a “Money Order to Embassy of Moldova”. You do not need any bank account information (No bank account information needed for processing). The money order will be sent with the envelope together with the application file to the Embassy

*As proof of citizenship of the Republic of Moldova can be considered one of the following documents: identity card, passport, birth certificate in the case of minors, the certificate confirming the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova.

** The proof of the absence of a valid travel document is considered: the expired passport, the damaged passport, the passport of the parents in which the minor children are mentioned, the outdated model passport, the declaration of loss or theft of the passport, the declaration regarding the previous non-completion of the travel document.

Attention! The validity period of the travel document is 30 days and cannot be extended. The travel title is valid only for a single trip with the final mandatory destination - the Republic of Moldova.

Restrictions on the use of the Travel Title: The rules of the Schengen area allow the stop to be carried out only through a single Member State of this area. The airport transit of a second Schengen state requires a transit visa. Contact the diplomatic missions of all the states to be transited to verify the transit visa application procedure.